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Isla's Room, DIY Project: DOTS, Discovery Bay Newborn and Family Photographer, Bay Area Photogra

I call myself a blogger, but I really only blog about my photography and often times don't write much about my sessions. I am 36+ weeks pregnant with our 4th and last baby so I did want to do a little blog about what I've been doing. With each child, I've devoted hours online shopping, researching, and purchasing all things I "needed" to have. And with each child the list grew smaller. Not because I had everything but because all the things I "HAD" to have weren't really necessary. You learn to use less with each one. It feels soooooo good to not have more than you need, ya know? One of the things I haven't touched much of is our 4th baby's room: I actually left Everly's room pretty bare. I purchased a crib from IKEA, a dresser from, put some of the stuff I've had for each child in there and grabbed some new fresh baby onesies and I'm good to go. (or at least I think so!)

We moved in this home about a year ago, so I really wanted to focus on finishing up the big kids rooms. I get to see the joy on their faces when they get home and see their ideas, OUR ideas come to life. It's going to be so special for Isla to have her big girl room done! She has been over the moon about having a little sister, so much so that she'd rather share her room than have her sister across the hall.

I didn't mind this idea but with the space we have, it made more sense to split the girls for now knowing they're 4 years apart and we thought by the time baby E would be suitable in a shared space that Isla would likely not want to any longer. Not like splitting them even matters- as baby E will co-sleep in our bed for the first year or so. It's just what we do.

Step one in convincing Isla that giving her her own space was the best plan was to hop onto Pinterest. We browsed rooms and narrowed it down to a few different ideas. Blush walls with gold dots was a top choice, but I showed her the coral ceiling and gold dots and it was locked in. I'll be sure to link where everything is purchased as I go so if you too would like to do this sort of project you can!

Paint: Behr's Swiss Coffee (equivalent) in flat, and Youthful Coral for the ceiling- although in hindsight the coral is a *tad* brighter than I wanted. As a photographer I knew it would reflect off onto the walls, but I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me before it had begun. And painting ceilings.... not. fun.

Gold dots: Purchased from CustomVinylbyBridge on Etsy

I purchased them for $25, and received over 400 1x1 dots. She added a few extra in case and I totally appreciate that because putting these up were a task!

How to: Isla's room is roughly 10x12. We began placing the dots by spacing them roughly 12 inches apart horizontally... Each new wall we did this which is why you'll see a little gap near the walls and the dots ending on the adjoining wall. I really didn't want the dots to be in perfect lines so we did an "A" wall and a "B" wall where they would create almost a diamond shape. We spaced the dots vertically about 12.5 inches as well (or did our best) but we'd complete a row at a time using a laser guide and placing the dots so the line would go straight through the middle. When it came to the window and the space between the door and the closet/closet and the wall, we guesstimated spacing while still using that same leveler. All in all it took about 3-4 hours to do her room. This was also because of 3 kids, 5 and under, an aching nesting wife and meal breaks. Without kids or any of the factors above, you'd cut your time in half.

When it comes to a theme for Isla's room, we didn't have one. I'm not really big on themes as they trend in and out. We did a color pallet instead, and even those trend in and out- but we aimed to give her a room she could grow with.

The odds and ends:

Her teal dresser was purchased from Home Goods for under $150. The desk to the right was gifted from my aunt, and was purchased from Pottery Barn Kids. For something similar, click here.

When I'm looking for room decor I shop all over- Home Goods is a favorite but I also used those teal glasses from her first birthday to display on her shelving. Glassware was from along with the feathers, and those little frames were dollar store painted coral to match. The perfume bottle was Hobby Lobby, and the books were found in Home Goods as well.

The tall pink and white bin was purchased on Etsy from SoFreakingAdorable

The little fabric "I" was another Etsy purchase from CheekeeMonkeez for under $20!

Bedding is Pottery Barn Kids, but I often switch it out with this one from Target- Both have held up so beautifully with my toddler!

Pottery Barn Kids: $80+ (no longer in stock but is the Elyse Bedding).

Target: $24.99 Metallic Hearts Sheet Set

Lastly- I have to mention, each of my children have a Young Living Diffuser in their room- it's a must in our home. For over two years now we've been able to utilize oils for our every day needs: allergies, colds, sleep, and more! I couldn't live without them. If you want to learn more, inquire here!

Along with our diffuser, the kids have an Amazon Echo Dot which they LOVE. We use it as an alarm clock, it plays lullaby's for naps and bed time, they play activities, ask questions: their favorite thing to ask is, "Alexa, how many days until my birthday?!" :-)

Echo dot can be purchased for $49.99 and is worth every penny!

Below are just some quick snapshots of Isla's new space! It was a long process but we love it, and it fits her personality SO well!

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