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Woke up today and just had the urge to break out my camera with the kids. I'm about 33 weeks pregnant with our last baby and I know the time of it being the three of them is dwindling much faster than I can anticipate. If you've been following me for some time than you know that these are usually captured when I'm at my most stressed out or exhausted point. I spend my days and nights capturing moments for others which fills my cup beyond measure... But often times, I forget to take out the camera for my own kids. My WHYs! So when I notice it's been a while I usually either throw them in the bath or tell them to go have a dance party on the bed. It centers me. I'm not sure entirely why, because like today--- the kids started off as cuddly and cute and it broke into an all out fight right in the middle of it. Can't a mom get a break for just ONE.SONG. LOL! I guess that's just where we're at today. I also have been nesting like CRAZY and wanted to see how our space captured a lifestyle-styled session, so we skipped the studio space downstairs and rocked out on mom and dad's bed. Here's just some of the images from this morning. <3 I hope when you view these you can feel a little bit of what I feel... A Sense of calm. A reminder that "this too shall pass..." and even a little "give yourself some credit" (you're raising GOOD kids and doing the best you can).

Oh, and yes. Those are chocolate chip cookies we made last night that they had for a little breakfast appetizer. It's Sunday. :-) #coolmom

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