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Birthday Boy| Discovery Bay, Ca Lifestyle Photography| Discovery Bay Lifestyle Photographer| Brittan

I figured today is as good as any day to post my FIRST OFFICIAL WEBSITE BLOG POST! I'll be honest, this post is going to jump around a bit, mostly because today is my eldest child's 5th birthday- and while I can hear dad and babies giggling outside setting up the tent for a backyard camp out, I wanted to hop on and write a little about the images from this session.

p.s. I have been dying to do this since I made my business official two years ago! I hope you'll check in often to see what's new with Brittany Deacon Photography! But for real... I can hardly believe it- my biggest is 5! FYI, I'm probably going to say that quite a bit, but it's a HUGE milestone birthday! I mean, kindergarten! It's blowing my mind how fast it's gone!

So, yesterday, I got the kids wrangled together for bath time while my husband could help a couple guys haul our bedroom set OUT. We just moved into our (I hope!) forever home in March, and we are totally overdue for something more "us" in our new space! I plan to share some DIY and home accent blog posts on here as well, so if that's your gig, stay tuned!

On his 100th trip down the stairs {not used to this, yet!}, I asked him to grab my camera while I sat in there with them for a bit to watch them play. The images I'm sharing with you below are from our time together! My little pirates and mermaid!

I try to make a conscious effort to bring out my full frame to capture photos of the kids because they are the reason I really pursued this path- but If you follow me on Instagram ( or Facebook ( than you already know this! My beautiful little muses.

As I sat there watching them splash, and laugh, and fight over the only floating jetski we have, I thought, "I can't believe tomorrow he is 5! It happened just like that! They tell you, but why don't they TELL YOU?!" Sure, when you bring your little baby home they remark about "how fast it goes" and "don't blink" but I always thought it was because it was the thing to say out of not really having much to say! Now, as a mom of 3 in 5 years, I tell parents of younger children the same exact thing! I want to hold them and remind them, "you can sleep when you're dead- don't miss a beat!" because, WOW. And watching the sweet, caring soul he has- it's just pouring from these images how much they love one another. THIS is what I want to capture for families!

I hadn't originally planned on doing much with these images except playing around with edits and saving them to my hard drive like I normally do, but after watching them play I decided to take a totally different approach in post processing. I just felt these needed to be told in this way. I quietly have admired film and film edit photography and follow this amazing page ( for inspiration and I have decided to incorporate it into many aspects of my photography! I'm so excited to get these up on the walls in their bathroom!

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