Welcome! I'm so glad you're here! 

      Well, hello there! I'm Brittany. I'm a hugger, baby lover, and I laugh embarrassingly loud! I identify with many things but if I had to narrow it down: wife. mom. artist.

I'm captivated by the natural and raw emotions that a photograph can awaken within us. It's significance, it's permanence, and the nostalgia it creates when we revisit them years later.


When my first child Connor was born in 2011, I bought my first dslr  camera. With that, came a wind of eagerness to learn more and capture every waking and sleeping moment of him that I possibly could. 

I have since had three more children. My life is chaotic, messy and so incredibly full of love. Having this life has truly centered my attention on the type of photography I would pursue.

     My art tells a story- it's purpose is to capture who you are in the moment! Whether it be your love story, how your hands meet his scruff, and your noses brush against one another in the cold. You could be in the season of raising your family: the giggles, the darling pouty face, the little whispers in your childs ears and how tightly they wrap their arms around your neck. These are the moments I will capture, and these are the moments I know you will cherish, forever. This is your life, let me truly capture it! 


"Don't shoot what it looks like. shoot what it FEELS like." - david alan harvey


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